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Global Ion Water Softner

For Commercial Use, it can also be used with water cooler and other institutional devices.

  • Water flow rate from 250Ltrs/hr to 8000 Ltrs/hr.
  • Retains natural quality of water
  • Safe drinking water as per WHO & IS 14724 guidelines. Power Saving features and high water volumes
  • 4 stage purification process
  • Can be used in Institutional & Commercial Purpose.
  • Can be used for bacteria free water
  • It can be installed in School, Colleges, Hospitals and other industries.

UV technology treats water in 3 stages.

  • First being filtration of suspended particles like dust, rust and mud up to 5 microns.
  • In the next stage the technology enables itself to absorb organic impurities, foul smell & taste, lead, pesticides and VOCs.
  • Later in the third and final stage, the ultra violet rays deactivate bacteria, virus, protozoa including cyst and other disease-causing micro-organisms.
  • The entire purification process is natural and free from chemicals and also retains the natural taste of water and all essential minerals required, making the water consumable.